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Fitted Kitchens in Glasgow

For the best fitted kitchens in Glasgow, Edinburgh or throughout Scotland – don’t hesitate to contact the experts at DM Specialist joinery.

Our approach to fitted kitchens has always been the same. We handle the design, supply and fitting of bespoke kitchens for clients to match any budget. Buying a new kitchen is a considerable expense, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For those of us who are married or have partners, you’ll already be aware just how exciting a new kitchen can be for our significant others. Our customers already know that for the best fitted kitchens in Glasgow

A brand new kitchen has the potential to transform the atmosphere within your home, while adding to the value of your home – making it an essential investment for the future. With all sorts of styles on the market these days, speak to our experts and you’ll get nothing but the best advice from professionals with years of experience. When it comes to fitted kitchens in Glasgow, no other contractor can boast the record that we can.

The Best Kitchen Fitters in Glasgow

One of the hallmarks of our excellent service is the calibre of staff that we employ.

While it’s true that we’re involved in projects across the building and joinery spectrums, we’ve been fitting kitchens since our company began 15 years ago. Over time we’ve grown to the point that we now employ the best kitchen fitters in Glasgow and throughout the rest of Scotland.

Going hand-in-hand with the numerous accreditations our business holds, our staff are all trained top the highest possible standard. Capable of adhering to any kitchen design, out kitchen fitters in Glasgow will exceed your expectations on any project. Whether you’re in the marker for a gorgeous, bespoke kitchen or something to fit a tight budget, we’ll make sure that you’re delighted with the results.

Fire Resistant Doors

On the joinery side of our business, health and safety is a concern for our experts on any given day. Regardless of the project that we’re working on, fire resistant doors from DM Specialist Joinery are always a great choice.

Buying doors these days isn’t always as simple as there are so many variables to weigh. There’s cost, safety, durability, composition and so much more. However fire safety is something that demands respect, so fire resistant doors in Glasgow are best supplied and fitted by DM Specialist Joinery.

Fire resistant doors are still capable of complimenting any interior or exterior design, while doing the job they’re supposed to if a fire breaks out. For customers it’s important to note that you won’t have to sacrifice style in order to improve the safety of your property. In today’s world it’s entirely possible to have both, so speak to our fire resistant doors team today.

Fire Rated Windows

Alongside our provision of doors, fire rated windows are another key purchase to increase the safety of your property.

If the worst happens and fire does break out, fire rated windows and doors will be worth their weight in gold, preventing the spread of fire throughout the property and minimising any damage. As experts within our industry, we would always advocate that domestic and commercial clients employ the smart use of fire resistant doors and fire rated windows – with no compromise.

After all, who would want to compromise on their safety? Whether the value of your belongings is monetary or sentimental, don’t take the chance with them. Speak to DM Specialist Joinery for the very best fire rated windows and doors in Scotland.