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Like our other work in the public sector, DM Specialist Joinery are a more than suitable choice for joinery work in the education sector.

Schools provided a unique challenge for joinery contractors as the projects usually involve multiple sites – each with their own nuances to consider. If, for example, a school was to invest in its science department and require a refurbishment of six of its classrooms, then that’s a significant project that only a specialist contractor should undertake.

That’d why you can trust DM Specialist Joinery. In the education sector, word travels fast. Since we’ve been involved with education clients over the last few years, we’ve found ourselves being recommended for more and more work. This is what separates us from the smaller joinery contractors. Our business is growing with each new project that we’re recommended for.

Joinery within Education

Windows, desks, specialist equipment, there’s a lot to consider when planning a joinery project within the education sector.

That’s to say nothing of the overall aesthetic appeal of the finished classroom, something that we always plan before we pick up our tools. In the public sector, each project manager will demand to be kept abreast of how the work is developing, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

Communication between contractor and client is always important, but within the education sector it’s of paramount importance. Budgets to renovate classrooms aren’t available every few years so the work has to be completed properly, and all of the project objectives should be met. No one wants children to spend their formative years in boring, uninspiring classrooms that offer no inspiration whatsoever.

With DM Specialist Joinery, you get exactly that – a specialist.