Fire Doors

Manufacturing Process

Fire doors are installed in properties and buildings to help prevent the spread of a fire, and to give the occupants enough time to escape the building safely. At DM Specialist Joinery, we make and supply interior fire doors for residential and commercial buildings of all types throughout Scotland.

All of our fire doors can be made according to your bespoke requirements, and adhere to all UK and European standards. The minimum standard for fire doors, based on regulation, offers 30 minutes of protection from a fire. At DM Specialist Joinery, we stock the following options:

FD 30 (30 minute)
FD 60 (60 minute)
FD 90 (90 minute)
FD 120 (2 hour)

We always endeavour to provide a reliable, trustworthy service at competitive prices and we take great pride in the degree of safety and stability which our fire doors provide.


Global Assessments PDF’s

BM Trada Accreditation

We are proud to be accredited by BM Trada, a leading multi-sector certification body who are themselves accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

In the UK, there is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to provide proof that their products can resist the passage of fire with evidence garnered through rigorous testing. Additionally, the BM Trada Accreditation Scheme aims to raise the standard of fire door manufacturing going forward, and provides peace of mind for consumers with assurances that the manufacturer is consistently producing a quality product through independent verification by a third party certification body

With this accreditation, DM Specialist Joinery take away the guesswork, and give you confidence about the service you will receive from us, safe in the knowledge that we are fully accredited and have met and/or exceeded all requirements.