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Sports Complex

When we begin work on any new project, we’ll communicate with the client and establish what challenges lie ahead for our joiners.

As obvious as that sounds, it’s critical that we use our considerable planning skills when we accept a new sports complex project. In these situations, we’re dealing with specialist equipment, playing surfaces, dedicated lighting and so much more.

When participants use sporting facilities, especially when they’re paying to do so, there’s an expectation that the facilities will be up to scratch. The playing surface should be smooth, accompanied by suitable lighting and that the changing rooms are more than acceptable. If they aren’t – you can guarantee that the participants won’t come back.

Scottish Badminton Centre

DM Specialist Joinery are among the finest joinery contractors in Scotland. Recently engaged by the Scottish Badminton Centre in Glasgow, we were tasked with the replacement of the existing floor with a new state of the art sports hall floor and playing surface, as well as upgraded lighting, new toilets, shower and changing room facilities.

It’s because of our success with challenging projects like these that our business continues to grow. Our appreciation for the planning and design process stands us apart from our competitors in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.