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UPVC Double Glazing

UPVC windows are the gold standard for residential double glazing, and will dramatically improve your home’s security, warmth and value.

At DM Specialist Joinery we use the highest quality materials to ensure our uPVC windows offer incredible thermal efficiency, security, durability in addition to ease of installation. Due to the extra warmth the windows offer, your home also becomes more energy efficient. This means that over time you will save you a great deal of money on heating costs to the extent that the windows will essentially pay for themselves in no time.

UPVC double glazing will not only improve your home’s warmth, but will also increase its security. In addition to meeting the highest energy efficiency and long-lasting reliability standards, our uPVC windows meet all the best safety standards and feature robust construction which prevents against forced entry. The super tough and durable uPVC frames have the latest in window technology and are incredibly durable meaning that they can survive whatever the Scottish weather throws at them.

Maintenance becomes a thing of the past with uPVC windows, and many households appreciate their tough, wipe-clean surface. UPVC double glazing also gives your home a modern, visually appealing finish and at DM Joinery, we offer an extensive selection of uPVC windows in a variety of styles and designs to meet your bespoke requirements.

Benefits of uPVC windows:

  • Highly durable and virtually maintenance free as the superior quality ensures that they essentially look after themselves
  • Customisable, with a wide array of colours, styles and finished to match the decor in your home
  • Can dramatically improve the warmth which can mean savings on heating bills in the future
  • Gives your home a modern, visually appealing finish
  • Drastically improves the security of your home
  • Long lasting and incredibly reliable

Colour Finishes

At DM Specialist Joinery, we appreciate that your home’s colour scheme and overall aesthetic isn’t limited to the interiors, and our uPVC windows are fully customisable which allows you to express the true character of your property and help bring it to life.

We offer an extensive range of window frames and window glass in an array of colours to match the decor of your home and complement your home beautifully. Whether it’s a sleek, minimalist all white finish you’re after, or a warm, rustic woodgrain effect. Or perhaps you want to go for a sleek, anthracite grey finish to complement to your modern interiors? Maybe you want to have one colour scheme on the outside, and have a different one of the inside? All of this is possible with our fully customisable range of uPVC double glazing.